Monday, February 15, 2010

I Guess this is Goodbye?

Last post for(ever? a while?) I think. Valentine's Day outfits.
Outfit 1:
Rosette skirt- F21
Top- JCP
Tights- ?
Shoes- thrifted
Outfit 2:
Sequin dress- TJ Maxx
Black cardigan- TJ Maxx
Tights- ?
Oxfords- JCP

Maybe fashion blogging isn't for me. I'm not into it as much anymore, y'know? I'm more focusing on my poems and my actual writing. But of course I still love fashion :) So I'll be posting at my brand-spanking-new tumblr account instead:
Thanks for bearing with me!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Inspiration for 2010

If I could wear a floral dress and a cardigan every day, I would. Or a high-waist skirt and tank top and cardigan. And tights and ballet flats and Mary Jane heels and brightly colored espadrilles with itty bitty wedges.

This year, it's all about the floaty floral dresses that just slip right on. Vintage lace and tiny bows in the hair. High buns and big smiles. A delicate room that transports you to a magical world. Pink lipstain and glittery nails. Croissants and chocolates, big rings and Florence & The Machine. Sunshine and pastels. Old movies and fresh flowers. Fairies on the wall and collages of happy times. Ballet flats and oxford shoes. Tutus and wild curls. Braids and balloons. Disney movies, skinny belts, and acting like everyday is prom.

All taken from the tumblr account "seven days without you." Check there for the original photographers.

Resolution: I will wear floral every single day.